Main Street Trolleys Movie Tours in Covington, Georgia

Main Street Trolleys Movie Tours in Covington, Georgia, offer an exciting and unique way to explore the vibrant city of Covington and its stunning, historic downtown area. The trolleys take visitors of all ages on a narrated journey through time, exploring the history and culture of Covington while seeing some of the best and most iconic movie sets and locations used in movies over the last few decades. The trolley experience is a historical, educational, and entertaining trip that will surely be enjoyed and remembered by all. Atlanta, GA can be seen here. 

Main Street Trolleys Movie Tours was founded in 2019 by local entrepreneurs Tiffany and Cameron Drew. The vision was to bring the residents and visitors of Covington and the surrounding region a unique form of entertainment. Utilizing the iconic trolleys, the couple hoped to honor their hometown and showcase the local historical sites and movie industry landmarks. The concept gained traction and has steadily expanded, giving more people a chance to experience the narrated tour of Covington and its movie sites. The Main Street Trolleys Movie Tours are available for groups of all sizes, including families, seniors, school groups, and private parties. Depending on the group size, multiple Trolleys can be provided at once to accommodate a larger number of passengers. The tours start at S. Main Street and cover the entire downtown area, passing by some of the features and sites used in the many movies filmed in and around Covington over the years. Click here to read about Vampire Stalkers Mystic Falls Tours/Storefront in Covington, Georgia.

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