Vampire Stalkers Mystic Falls Tours/Storefront in Covington, Georgia

Welcome to Mystic Falls Tours and Storefront in Covington, Georgia! Step into the world of vampire lore, mysterious towns, and the supernatural at our unique attraction. We offer comprehensive tours of Mystic Falls, a fictional community from the popular vampire series, The Vampire Diaries, which has captivated fans around the world. Information can be found here.

Mystic Falls has become a haven for fans of the hit TV series to immerse themselves in the setting of the small town and, ultimately, walk in the footsteps of their favorite characters.  At our tourist destination, you will have the opportunity to explore the many facets of the show – from the mysterious tombstones to the secret entrances to the mystical inhabitants that live and breathe in the town. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to discover the town’s hidden secrets, purchase collectible merchandise, and even get an exclusive photo with some of the show’s characters. At Mystic Falls Tours, you will be provided with a special guide who is a certified Vampire Stalker. Our Vampire Stalkers are experts at uncovering the town’s many mysteries, and they will be able to offer insight into the series that you won’t find anywhere else. Since Mystic Falls is a fictional town, you will not actually be able to visit the real-life locations depicted in the show, but our Vampire Stalkers are trained to give an accurate, detailed tour of all the secrets the town has to offer. See here for information about Georgia Mountain Fair Inc in Hiawassee, Georgia.

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