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At Dynamic Estate Planning, we can help you in preparing an advance medical directive as a part of your estate plan. Taking the time to properly execute your advance medical directive will give you the peace of mind that your wishes for end-of-life care, organ donation, and other medical decisions will be carried out. If you need an experienced advance healthcare directive attorney in Atlanta, GA, contact us today at 404-991-6511 for a consultation. 

Preparing an advance medical directive isn’t just something that you can put off until you are older. If your health is failing or you suffer from a chronic illness, now may be the time to seek legal advice on how to properly execute an advance medical directive.

What is an Advance Healthcare Directive?

An advance healthcare directive is a legal document that allows you to make decisions about your medical treatment when you are unable to speak for yourself due to accident, illness, or injury. In a more immediate sense, an advance healthcare directive also allows you to choose where you would like to receive medical treatment in the event of a life-threatening situation. To establish your directives and appoint someone else as your health care decision-maker, you must create a valid advance healthcare directive that has been signed and notarized. 

Any adult who is emotionally and mentally competent can prepare an advance healthcare directive. It is recommended that you consult with experienced legal professionals like the ones at Dynamic Estate Planning when drafting your document to ensure that it is legally binding.

Benefits of Advance Healthcare Directives

By preparing an advance healthcare directive, you will not only give yourself the peace of mind that your choices for medical treatment will be carried out, but will also spare your loved ones the stress and pain of making those decisions during a difficult time.

There are many benefits to preparing an advance healthcare directive, including:

  • You can choose where you would like to receive medical treatment and/or care.
  • You can choose who will make healthcare decisions for you and how those decisions will be made.
  • You can stipulate what types of medical procedures you would or would not consent to, such as organ donation.
  • You can choose to include special instructions for your medical treatment, such as whether you would like pain management, or if you have certain religious beliefs that must be followed.

It is important to note that an advance healthcare directive should not be confused with other types of legal documents like a living will. Living wills allow you to make decisions about your end-of-life care while you are still alive and mentally competent. With an advance healthcare directive, however, you can choose who will speak for you in a medical emergency and make medical decisions for you after you are rendered incapacitated.

Prepare a Legally Binding Advance Healthcare Directive in Atlanta, GA

At Dynamic Estate Planning, we can help you prepare a legally binding advance healthcare directive that complies with the laws of the state of Georgia. Our experienced legal team has helped countless individuals and families prepare their medical directives, allowing them to take control of their health care if they are no longer able to.

If you wish to prepare an advance healthcare directive in Atlanta, GA, contact Dynamic Estate Planning today at 404-991-6511 to schedule a consultation.

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