Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia

Are you looking for an exciting and thrilling escape experience in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia? Look no further than Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta in your search for thrilling escape room entertainment! Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta is the most renowned and popular escape game attraction in the city and is quickly gaining international recognition as one of the world’s leading escape rooms. With locations in both Midtown and Downtown Atlanta, Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta offers a variety of exciting and captivating escape room challenges that are sure to have you and your friends battling against time and wits. Learn more here.

As Atlanta’s leading provider of escape room challenges, Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta offers 4 unique escape room challenge experiences. Each of these escape challenges is an hour-long session designed to test problem-solving skills, be enjoyable for all ages, and involve a surprise twist. The four heart-stopping challenges that Mastermind Escape Games offer include the infamous Kimojis Escape Room, where players are tasked with retrieving “Kimmy K” from her captor by solving puzzles, deciphering clues, and working together to find their way back out.  The Wizard’s Lair is a magical-themed escape room that requires players to decipher riddles and use their skills to escape the clutches of an evil wizard and escape the flaming dungeon!  The Enigma Challenge is a brain-teasing, suspense-filled escape room where players must use their logical reasoning to decipher clues and ultimately escape the horrors of the laboratory. Learn more about City Park in Covington, Georgia.

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