Why You Need an Advance Healthcare Directive

What is an Advance Healthcare Directive

Sometimes final decisions are the most difficult ones to make, but are often some of the most important. If you were incapacitated due to an ailment or advanced age, wouldn’t you want your wishes determined by you and not a doctor or court? When you are unable to make decisions regarding your medical care because of illness, accident, or age, an advance healthcare directive appoints a trusted individual to oversee these matters on your behalf.

  • An advance healthcare directive allows you to name a Health Care Agent. A Health Care Agent is someone appointed by you to direct the course of your medical treatment when you cannot do so yourself.  
  • A directive also allows you to provide written evidence of your treatment preferences in certain situations. Whether or not you want advanced life-saving techniques performed or prefer to pass naturally is your personal decision. A healthcare directive details these situations and your preferences. This can often benefit your family, as they are not forced to make a final decision for you, rather you have already made the decision for them.
  • Further, an advance healthcare directive provides your preferences for organ donation, autopsy, and final disposition of your body, either through burial or cremation.

The Benefits of An ADHC

An ADHC is important for all ages, from college students to senior citizens. It allows you to know that when the time comes for the most difficult circumstances and decisions, your wishes have been laid out for everyone to see.

Dynamic Estate Planning can assist you in preparing this important document via a simple phone call or through an in-person meeting, where you and one of our attorneys can discuss your personal needs and requests.

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